Almost there...

Hello there! :-)

Since you're here, I think you are interested in making cool themes for Telegram and you already had a look at Telegram Messenger for Android theme creating FAQ, don't you?

Well, anyway, you'll soon realize theming Telegram Messenger on Android devices is not that pleasant really and it makes you scroll up and down hundreds of variables hunting for and hoping to find the one you need to change. Besides of that, you might find some variables listed only when you get to specific sections of Telegram App and others aren't yet accessible at all using the built-in theming system... If you tried already you'll surely understood what I mean, that's why me and other people made Telegram themes editors (mine is called attheme-etk), to have things done (hopefully) in easier way! :-D

Before you go on to attheme-etk
I wanted to point out some useful resources you should hold in consideration:

That's it, have fun with attheme-etk and... see you on Telegram × You can find me on:
@AndroidThemesGroup (official, EN)
@Themesandroidchat (EN)
@TGThemesITA (IT)
  -  danicotra

P.S. If you experience any issue, make sure for first your browser is updated to the last available version; if it already is or in case the problems persist even after updating then, please, let me know about it reporting the bug.

Disclaimer: attheme-etk is provided "as is", without any warranty. I won't take any responsibility on damages that may be caused by usage on your PCs, phones or any other device, use it at "your own risk". (I won't be responsible for it being used for making @cancerthemes either! ;-p)

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